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Common Causes of Water Damage

Asbestos Regulations

This blog is the second installment regarding asbestos, where we will learn about asbestos regulations and how they are enforced. There are lots of laws on the books. You know that not everyone chooses to follow them even though some laws are in place to protect you. You can’t protect yourself if you don’t know what they are. The law is one tool for a safer and healthier environment and work place. Congress passes laws, and the EPA (Environmental Protection

ACM: Asbestos Containing Material

This blog will be the first of two on asbestos. The first, below, will address some important facts relating to asbestos that we should be aware of. The second blog will highlight the EPA & OSHA regulations concerning asbestos and the disturbance of materials containing asbestos. What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a mineral. Asbestos is a natural rock that is mined from the ground in several locations worldwide and is, therefore, not a man-made fiber like fiberglass. It has been

I think there may be mold inside my walls

                  “We had water damage from the unit above”. “I smell something funny”. “I don’t see any mold, but what if the mold is inside my walls”? If you are a property manager, insurance agent or restoration contractor it is likely that you may have heard this question at some point. If you did had water damage and hired a certified restoration company to dry the structure properly. The chances of mold