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January 17th, 3:15am
In Sarasota County, a tornado with winds reaching 127 mph swept through the town of Duette, 40 miles southeast of Tampa. The EF2-rated tornado, or “strong” twister, ripped a 300-foot-wide swath of destruction along a nine-mile stretch of the county.

The path of destruction crossed The Excelsior Beach to Bay Condominiums, causing extensive damage to two of their buildings; Building 5 & Gulf Bldg. A 200 linear feet section of roof was torn from bldg. 5, destroying the residences on top floor and causing major water and wind damage to subsequent units. The lesser damaged Gulf building suffered water and debris damage due to multiple broken windows.
Trinicon received the call for service early Sunday morning, and was on-site within 2 hours.


Our tasks consisted of:
1. Emergency mitigation
2. Prevent further damage
3. Prepare for repairs
4. Facilitate smooth processes


Emergency Mitigation:
Our first priority was to stop the damage. We had a crew of 40 onsite within hours to begin the emergency mitigation services. We began to secure the building by boarding up windows, installing temporary railings and removing debris to make the building safe for further work. We also began draining water from units, placing dryers in units and moving contents to safety.

Temporary Repairs:
With additional poor weather approaching, our main priority in preventing further damage was to quickly install a temporary roof on building 5. Due to the nature of the damage, the temporary roof would need to be as close to permanent roof as possible, as opposed to a quick fix. To accomplish this we first framed and tarped the missing section and then applied decking and peel & stick. Our team worked quickly and efficiently to complete the temporary roof before further inclement weather approached.

While the temporary roof was being constructed we added dehumidifiers, air movers and axials to all affected residences. We continued cleaning debris and removing saturated drywall, carpet, cabinets and other water damaged items. Antimicrobial was applied via spraying and fogging to prevent fungal growth.
Many electric panel boxes were saturated by the storm and the building was without power for 6-8 weeks. During this time our equipment remained in the units to control humidity levels to prevent fungal growth and further damage. The damaged electrical panels were replaced and power was restored in all but the top floor residences. Humidity control equipment will remain in the top floor units until the roof is replaced and all subsequent wiring, plumbing & duct work can be completed.

Much of the work for the Gulf Building comprised of cleaning debris and glass, drying units, minor mold remediation, humidity control & antimicrobial. More major damage resulted from the storm destroying or removing the rooftop air condensers. Our team quickly and efficiently removed and replaced 30 a/c units, including the compressors, air handlers and stands. We did this work while simultaneously replacing the entire roof, section by section. Our work not only met the standards of inspection but passed with compliments.

Structure Repairs:
The Trinicon team worked closely with the association, unit owners and their respective insurers to put together a solid plan of action for a seamless restoration amounting to about $3.5 million dollars. We were diligent in our repair scopes to ensure that the properties were restored to their preexisting condition while remaining within the policy budget.

Facilitate smooth processes:
Our office staff worked hand and hand with unit owners throughout the process to alleviate as much of the burden as possible. We understand that this situation is unfamiliar and nerve-racking and were on call to answer any questions and provide assistance wherever possible. We also worked closely with the unit owner’s and their insurance carriers throughout the insurance claims process in order to provide unit owner’s with the most “hands-off” approach.