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Frequently Asked Fire Damage/Restoration Questions

The Fire Department recommended that we board up our home (or business). Is that something Trinicon can do? Absolutely. Our Trinicon team is available 24/7/365 to board up your home or business as soon as possible to protect you from any further damage to your property.

Are all fires alike? What impact does the fire type have on me? Not all fires are alike and fire and smoke damage are categorized by their type and fuel. Determining the correct category is important as each has its own cleaning and restoration process.

Why should I use a professional fire restoration company even in the case of a small fire?  Even if the physical damage caused by a small fire is contained, much of fire damage is caused by the smoke (soot ) and odor produced by the fire. Smoke travels toward cooler oxygen and thus, very easily makes its way through the parts of the structure that are not directly damaged by the fire causing multiple areas to be affected with odor. Soot particles are very small and only visible in high concentrations which can make it hard to identify affected areas. Our professionals are equipped to identify structure areas that are affected by smoke and work effectively to quickly resolve the problem and eliminate the odor.

Will the smoke odor go away in time? Smoke odor will eventually dissipate on its own but it could take lengthy periods of time depending on its potency.

Can you get the smoke odor out of my clothing? Yes, we are able to remove the smoke odor from you clothes in most cases excluding rare occurrences of highly potent odor. In the event that standard laundry care does not eliminate the odor, we will use an ozone gas to deodorize the clothing before washing or dry cleaning.

How do you determine which rooms are affected, since they don’t appear to be soot damaged? The Trinicon fire restoration team is experienced in determining which areas have been affected. They will conduct a physical walk through of each area of your home or business to test multiple areas for smoke and soot.

The fire department put out the fire but now we have a lot of water in the house. What should we do? Unfortunately, water damage following a fire is a common occurrence. Our professional water mitigation team will remove any standing water and immediately begin the dry out process. We will be sure to eliminate further water damage or mold growth from your property and quickly begin the restoration of your home.

What will happen to the items left in the home during a fire restoration? Your insurance agent will identify certain items as safe which are able to be stored during your fire restoration. The Trinicon fire restoration team will carefully transport those items to our on-site storage facility. The Trinicon restoration team will work diligently to carefully restore damage items that have been deemed safe to their pre-existing condition. Items that are deemed too damaged or unsafe will be properly disposed of and the Trinicon team will work with your adjuster to provide the best replacements.

Can my family stay in our home during the restoration effort? Whether or not your family will be able to stay in your home during a fire restoration project will depend on multiple factors such as how extensive the damage is, the layout of your home and the comfort level of your family. In some situations, your family may be able to stay in your home but choose not to due to the location of the damage. For example, if your kitchen and/or bathrooms have been significantly fire damaged you may want to stay elsewhere during your fire restoration project. Your insurance policy may also impact your decision as most will allow for off-site housing but some will have limitations. Your Trinicon representative will be able to help walk you through considerations to decide which option is best for your family.

Should I throw out all of my food after a fire? Many foods will be damaged and unsafe to consume after being subjected to fire. Even canned food can be damaged by fire as the contraction caused by the heat allows smoke into its contents. It is best to wait for your adjuster to document which food needed to be thrown away. If you can’t wait for your adjuster, before to document which food was thrown away using video of photos.

If we hire Trinicon to clean up the smoke and soot damage, will you also complete the restoration? Am I able choose my own general contractor? Trinicon LLC is a fully licensed restoration and reconstruction company. Our licensed contractors are available for your complete home restoration, from start to finish. You are welcome to choose your own general contractor following our emergency remediation services at your discretion.