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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

We understand that the insurance can seem tricky and we do our best to help simplify the process for our customers. We have provided some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the insurance process below and are available to help guide you through your specific insurance claims process.

Does Trinicon help me with the insurance claims process? Yes. We understand that filing insurance claims can be confusing, especially when your mind is focused on the emergency you have experienced. We are available to walk you through the process every step of the way.

Do you bill my insurance directly? Yes and no. We will directly invoice your insurance company for emergency services we provided on your property. We will then send your insurance agency an estimate for the reconstruction of your property. Once your adjuster and Trinicon agree on an estimate the insurance company will send you, the property owner a check. We will then invoice the property owner directly as opposed to the insurance company.

Should Trinicon come out for an inspection before or after my adjuster comes out? In an ideal situation your adjuster would meet our Trinicon representative at your property to preform the walk-through together.  In situations where this is not possible we will work with your adjuster to compare notes and come to an agreement regarding your property damage.