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Frequently Asked Water Damage Questions

Do I need an estimate before you start the dry-out? No, it is imperative to start the mitigation process immediately to minimize the water damage to your property. Our price list is in-line with insurance company payouts, eliminating the need for a pre-dry out estimate.

Do I have responsibility as a homeowner? Yes, your insurance expects you to mitigate the loss at the time that it occurs. This means that is your responsibility to act as quickly to have the source of the water damage stopped and the dry-out process started as soon as possible to help minimize the water damage loss.

How long does the dry out take? Our typical dry-outs take 2-5 days but can take up to 14 days. The length of the water damage dry-out is dependent on multiple factors such as what materials are wet, how wet they are and the class and category of the water damage. We will provide you with a timeline at the time of the water mitigation and provide consistent updates throughout the process.

Why do you have to monitor the job so often? Best results are brought about by closely monitoring the dry out process. In some cases, areas will appear dry only to be found wet again at a later date. Through constant monitoring we are able to know where the water is and appropriately respond allowing us to complete the dry-out with minimum water damage.

Is it OK to keep this equipment running or do I need to do something with it? Having the equipment constantly running during a dry out is crucial for minimizing water damage and preventing mold growth. Our quality equipment is capable of constantly running for extended periods of time without overheating or shutting off. You do not need to do anything to the equipment, but if the equipment produces sounds or smells that you feel are amiss please call us right away.

Must I stay in my home during the dry out process? Some water damages will require that you vacate your home during the dry out and repairs process, but in no situation will you be required to stay in your home throughout the process.

Can I turn off the equipment at night? It is very important that the equipment remains on throughout the dry out process. This will not only help minimize water damage but also help prevent mold growth.

How do you know if everything is dry? During our monitoring process moisture meters are used to check for proper moisture content throughout affected areas. This data is tracked and recorded by our highly trained and certified team to help provide peace of mind that the water damage to your home has been properly dried out.

Can I remove personal items after water damage? You may remove items that have not been affected by the water damage. If items have been subjected to water damage they may need to remain in your home for safety or insurance purposes. Your insurance adjuster will be able to help you determine which items you may take and which you will want to leave in your home.

Does water damage leave an odor? Odors can be produced when many materials are subjected to water damage. Our team is trained to test water damaged materials to determine the source of certain odors so they can be properly remediated. There should be no foreign odors upon completion of the restoration work.

What are signs of water damage or restoration? Some exterior surface areas that appear unaffected after water damage, but may have high moisture rates behind the walls or ceilings. This “hidden” moisture can cause mold growth and other water related damages to your property. Our water mitigation team is trained to identify these areas for proper drying.

Can I upgrade certain items after a water repair? You are more than welcome to upgrade your water damaged items. You will need to sign a change order showing the price difference and will be responsible for any additional costs.

Do you take care of the repairs from a water cleanup? Yes, Trinicon is a full service water mitigation and restoration company. Our qualified restoration and reconstruction team will fully restore your water damaged home to optimum condition.

What happens to my water damaged furniture after a flood? We understand that certain personal items and furniture have sentimental value and cannot be replaced, and our restoration efforts are primarily successful. In cases where your furniture and personal items have been damaged beyond repair we recommend replacing them with similar items. Our team will work with you and your insurance company to come to produce the best possible solutions to your furniture loss.