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The sub-tropical climate of Florida causes mold growth to be prevalent. Excessive moisture or humidity inside a home or business for a prolonged amount of time will eventually lead to mold growth.

Mold spores can develop and continue to colonize as soon as 24 hours after water damage occurs. The technicians at Trinicon are licensed and trained in mold remediation related services in order to solve this problem in your house or business and be sure the structural damage is minimized and repaired.

Mold damage needs to be addressed immediately since it can lead to health complications. Since mold comes in various species with different growth patterns and health risks associated with each, it should not be given the opportunity to spread into a more critical issue.

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  • Consultation with our experts
  • Thorough inspection of your home or business
    • Identification of causes to prevent future issues
    • Removal of contaminated materials
    • Remediation of structure
    • Create a safe environment